Residential plan

Enjoy the same level of connectivity as the most high tech buildings at home with Netrexo Fiber.

Fiber Optic Internet for Business

Nowadays it has become more necessary and vital to have a fast internet connection in your place. Just not for business but for socializing with people and to keep ourselves updated and connected to the world. In this digital Information age slow internetservice is not going to help you anymore, switch over to Netrexo Fiber and enrich your lives and experience more fun with speed and high quality internet. We are sure, once after experiencing a fast internet connection you will never like and wish to go back to your old way of doing things with a slow one that you had in the past.

Fiber Optic Internet at home increase the value and quality of life by providing the fastest possible Internet connection with speeds up to 100 Mbps which facilitates to do and achieve things faster on multiple devices simultaneously without any buffering. You can watch HD videos seamlessly, play your favorite games, attach large files or folders and share it, upload your photos & videos and download videos and audios all at faster speed than the average cable internet provider.

Netrexo connections stay seamless and we always strive hard to provide the best service and always ensure that our customers end up with the fastest connection speed as possible. Thisis mainly advantageous for people who do a lot of transaction and business online, for those who always love to engage themselves in online gaming, or perhaps using online services most of the times.

We offer a verity of plans under economical prices that fits any range of residence. Quickly opt for our service and enjoy more consistent and reliable connectivity all throughout the day.


Netrexo Communications strive bringing into the residence and work place the world of information, knowledge, entertainment and services. Incredible speed at affordable price is what is offered by Netrexo. Have a look at our plans and pick the one that is suitable for your needs.

Select Area

    • FZ 750

      INR 750 month
      • Speed 100 Mbps
      • Free Wifi Router
      • Validity 30 Days
    • FZ 1550

      INR 1550 month
      • Speed 300 Mbps
      • Free Wifi Router
      • Validity 30 Days
    • FZ 2050

      INR 2050 month
      • Speed 500 Mbps
      • Free Wifi Router
      • Validity 30 Days

Benefits of Netrexo Residence Fiber Optic Internet:

  • Faster uploading and picture sharing
  • Same speed Download and Upload
  • Less loading and buffering time
  • Greater support for HD videos
  • Easy and quick access to web search and emails
  • Reliable and easy access to entertainment media from anywhere at home
  • Potentially low monthly service fees
  • Excellent Service and customer supporto
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