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Research by SanDisk says that slow Internet cost employees "one week per year of productivity."

Fiber Optic Internet for Business

Unreliable and slow Internet connections can highly impact and have real coststo business. The internet should act as a tool and must support your employees' to work productively. In this fast moving world, each and every business aims to be well connected with each other regardless of their size, type and location.

Netrexo Communications understands your business requirements and facilitates it to move ahead with advanced technology Fiber Optic Connectivity.

Netrexo’s amazing Fiber-optic Internet provides a biggest advantage to Multi National Companies, BPOs, Telecommunication Companies and particularly for Organizations using cloud for data storage and communications and for Organizations that are running latency sensitive applications. Due to high speed and greater bandwidth capabilities the access to information – data and applications will be relatively very fast.


Netrexo Communications strive bringing into the residence and work place the world of information, knowledge, entertainment and services. Incredible speed at affordable price is what is offered by Netrexo. Have a look at our plans and pick the one that is suitable for your needs.

Select Area

    • FC15

      INR 2500 month
      • Speed 15 Mbps
      • FUP 60 GB
      • After FUP 2 Mbps
      • Validity 30 Days
    • FC20

      INR 4500 month
      • Speed 20 Mbps
      • FUP 120 GB
      • After FUP 2 Mbps
      • Validity 30 Days
    • FCPRO

      • Speed Unlimited
      • FUP Unlimited
      • After FUP Unlimited
      • Validity 30 Days

Benefits of Netrexo Business Fiber Optic Internet:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Redundant Last mile (Fiber and wireless)
  • Symmetric download and upload speeds
  • Greater Bandwidth and large broadcasting capacity
  • Excellent Signal Strength and stable connectivity
  • Cost-effective
  • Higher and increased reliability and no data bottle necks
  • Faster access to data and information stored in cloud
  • Very minimal latency
  • Adaptability and ability to manage huge data flow with audio and video
  • More secured
  • Resistance to Interference
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