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If you are able to visualize the information traveling on a beam of light, that’s exactly what happens in the Fiber Optic Internet. The greatest benefit is that it is 25 times much faster than conventional copper cable connections and it facilitates faster speeds over longer distances.

Who we are

Netrexo Communications is an innovative technology company that offers high speed internet services to small, medium and enterprise class business and residential customers over its fiber-optic networksin Kumbakonam , Aduthurai , Mayiladuthurai and expanding in and around Thanjavur district. We are dedicatedly working to deliver the quality service at highly affordable prices for both business and home users. We have acquired a continuous pursuit of excellence in the internet services sector by providing trusted and seamless services in the past years.

Our company holds great expertise and capability when it comes to Fiber Optic Internet connection. We are best suitable for those who are tired of their current service provider. We provide service that help users to easily access the Internet at astonishing speeds. You can always expect a fast , reliable , future ready internet connection from Netrexo, which will only get faster in the future times as we improve our services and grow our company.

Being a technology driven company, we believe that continued investment and innovation in Fiber Optic Internet network and service will allow us to become more flexible to meet consumer requirements – be it home or business and enhance their experience in terms of quality and quantity by providing the best possible services and highest value to each of our customers.

When we say “More Internet Speed” to you, it is an assurance that we will take care of everything to keep you connected for current and more years to come. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are constantly working to improve and upgrade the Fiber Optic Network and they always see to that we are aligned and we are satisfying the current network needs and demands.

Browse through our website or contact our team today to know more about the various Fiber Optic Internet services that we offer. We will be happier to guide you through the various Fiber Optic Internet plans that you have at your disposal.

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